Attention Premera Patients

As of October 26, 2023, the Surgery Center of Silverdale is no longer in-network with Premera Blue Cross.

Why did this happen?

We have been attempting to negotiate a fair reimbursement contract with Premera for over a year. Premera has refused to agree to anything even close to what is currently cost-appropriate, instead offering only a miniscule increase based on a nearly 7-year-old contract. Meanwhile, inflation has impacted our cost of supplies, services, and wages.

SCS simply cannot continue to provide care at a loss for Premera patients and remain in business.

Other payers have agreed to market appropriate rate increases for SCS this past year and we were hopeful that Premera was honestly considering our latest offer up until the very last moment, but we received their final “no” on 10/25/23, which forced us to move forward with terminating our 2017 contract with them.

What does this mean for you?

SCS is no longer considered in-network by Premera, which means that as a Premera patient, if you choose to have surgery at SCS, you will likely be responsible for a much greater percentage of the cost of your surgery. For details specific to your coverage and plan, please call us at 360-692-2728 and we will review your plan and provide you an estimate, as well as our payment plan options. Alternatively, you can speak to your surgeon’s office about having your surgery done elsewhere at facility that is “in-network” with Premera. However, we encourage you to compare your estimated cost with us with that of another facility as we may still be your lowest cost option.

Please also consider calling Premera and/or the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to let them know how this is affecting YOU, the patient, by limiting your options for quality, affordable healthcare in Kitsap County.


Surgery Center of Silverdale Staff

Premera – (800) 722-1471

Office of the Insurance Commissioner – (800) 562-6900

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