After Your Surgery

Your safety is of utmost concern to us. After you are discharged, please DO NOT drive, operate machinery, sign legal documents, or consume alcohol for at least 24 hours. In addition, even though you may feel fine, you must have a responsible adult stay with you overnight.

All discharge instructions will be discussed with you and your escort prior to leaving the center, and we will send home a written copy as well. If you have further questions about what you can or cannot do, or any concerns arise after you leave the center, please contact your surgeon’s office at the number on your discharge paperwork.

How to Use an Incentive Spirometer

Your surgeon may request that you use an incentive spirometer for a period of time following your surgery to help keep your lungs healthy, aid in circulation, and prevent pneumonia. Using an incentive spirometer helps you take deep breaths correctly.

Please view the YouTube video below for instructions on how to correctly use an incentive spirometer:

As always, please contact us or your surgeon’s office if you have questions!

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