What to Expect

Before Surgery

Once your provider has determined that you need surgery, their office will contact the surgery center to schedule a date, which will then be communicated to you so you can plan ahead. A few days before your surgery you will receive a call from one of our nurses to go over your medical history, pre-surgery instructions, and to answer any of your questions. The nurse will let you know your scheduled arrival time and instruct you not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your procedure. Please note that while we do our best to respect your time, surgery start times can change based on the needs of other patients.

Day of Surgery

On the day of your procedure you will arrive at Surgery Center of Silverdale. We are located at 9800 Levin Rd NW in Silverdale, WA, on the ground floor in Suite 102. You will be greeted by our friendly reception staff, who will walk you through the pre-surgery paperwork that will be completed. If you wish to come prepared, feel free to download our Registration form here, fill it out, and bring it with you on the day of surgery.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and please remember that in addition to refraining from eating or drinking, we request that you leave jewelry at home and not wear any make-up, or strongly scented products. If you are accompanying a minor child who is having a procedure, please bring documentation of your guardianship if you are not the parent. In addition, you must remain at the surgery center for the duration of the time your child is there. While we understand that childcare can be challenging we request that, unless the child is the patient, you leave other children at home if at all possible.

Once you are checked in, one of our pre-op nurses will guide you back to our clinical area to prepare you for surgery. They will take your vital signs and any other tasks that need to be completed before you enter the operating room. You will be asked to change into one of our surgical gowns and your clothes and belongings will be placed in a secure and locked location until you are done with surgery.

Prior to surgery you will be visited by your anesthesia provider, who will ask you questions about your health and medical history and answer any of your questions or concerns related to anesthesia. Lastly, you will be visited by your surgeon who will go over the procedure with you and answer any lingering questions you have about the surgery. When it is time, the nurse who will be with you throughout your surgery will arrive to take you to the operating room.

Our compassionate and skilled staff will take care of you in the operating room from start to finish, and you will be closely monitored for the duration of the surgery and in the recovery area. Once your surgery is complete, you will be transferred to our recovery area, where the nurses will care for you and provide you with your choice of yummy muffins, coffee, juice, or other snacks. The recovery nurses will provide you with post-operative instructions and the time of your post-op appointment with your surgeon. Once you are dressed and feeling ready, they will call your escort to pull the car around and pick you in our patient-pick up area. We will send you home with any post-op instructions in writing, as well as a survey to fill out and send back to us to let us know how we did.

It is important that you not drive, operate heavy machinery, or sign any legal documents for 24 hours after you have received anesthesia. Your escort or another family member or caregiver should remain with you for the next 24 hours to make sure you are doing well and provide any needed assistance.

After Surgery

Please remember a responsible adult must drive you home from surgery and be available to stay with you for the 24 hours following your procedure.

You will receive a call from our nurses the following day to check in on you, and you will return to your provider’s office for your post-surgery follow up appointment.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ page, or call us at 360-692-2728.

We appreciate the trust you put in us as medical providers and the opportunity to care for you. Thank you for choosing the Surgery Center of Silverdale.

You will be given a Patient Satisfaction Survey after discharge; please fill it out and return it in the envelope provided. 

You can download a copy of the survey below. Please return it to us by email, fax, mail, or in-person.

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