Wear Your Mask!

Our Response

With the Covid-19 crisis affecting all of us, The Surgery Center of Silverdale remains committed to the wellbeing of our community.  We are taking extra precautions to assure safety.  We screen patients, and screen staff daily. Masks are required at all times. We have a testing program for patients, who are able to get tested onsite with a result within 24-48 hours. This is a decision made by our surgeons in conjunction with the Center following guidelines from CMS, CDC, American College of Surgeons, ASCA, and the State of Washington.  We believe that we are the safest and most appropriate place to perform ambulatory surgery during this pandemic. Please visit our Facebook page for updates.

Important Information

With rampant misinformation during this pandemic, we offer these trusted sources to turn to for details about the COVID-19 crisis both locally and nationally.

Where to Find the Vaccine

We encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. Please note that as a facility we are NOT offering COVID vaccines or booster shots at this time. If this changes, we will update our website and Facebook page accordingly.

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