Anesthesia FAQ

What Kind of Anesthesia will I Receive?

When most people think of receiving anesthesia, they think of being “unconscious” during their procedure, or “put to sleep.” What they are thinking of is called “general anesthesia,” but there are actually many different kinds of anesthesia care! Click the link below to learn more about the different kinds of anesthesia from the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

The type of anesthesia you receive for your surgery depends on the type of procedure, as well as on your health history and needs. Your anesthesia provider will work with your surgeon, reviewing the procedure type and your chart, to determine the type of anesthesia care best suited to you and your surgery. Their goal is always to keep you as safe as possible, but also to keep you as comfortable as possible during and after your procedure. Your surgeon can tell you the type of anesthesia most commonly used for your procedure, and on your day of surgery the anesthesia provider will also speak with you and answer all of your questions before you are taken to the operating room. If you have specific anesthesia questions or concerns, you are welcome to call us to request an anesthesia consult prior to surgery.

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