Attention All Premera Blue Cross Patients

Surgery Center of Silverdale Center (SCS) has been in negotiations with Premera Blue Cross regarding a new contract agreement since October of 2022.  We have been unsuccessful in reaching a new agreement with market competitive ASC reimbursement rates.  During this eight-month period we have successfully negotiated new rate agreements with multiple other payors (e.g., Aetna, Regence, United Healthcare).

Current rates with Premera continue to be significantly below the necessary levels to support important ASC services in our community.  SCS has received no reimbursement rate increases from Premera since 2017 and the current rate agreement is significantly below all other major commercial payors. Due to this, we want to make you aware that we have started the termination process with Premera.  Our termination effective date, if reached, will be October 25, 2023.

We are steadfast in our belief that Surgery Center of Silverdale provides an invaluable service to the community in keeping healthcare costs low and quality high.  We ask that you contact Premera, your employer, and the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to let them know SCS is committed to high-quality, affordable care and Premera should be in-network.

If our agreement does terminate, Premera patients will be required to go to more expensive and inconvenient places of service, limiting access for patients that are looking for high-quality and low-cost care in the right setting.  We believe that a high quality and low-cost alternative to hospital surgical care is necessary for employers and patients.  Surgery Center of Silverdale’s surgical services in a non-hospital setting on the Olympic peninsula ensures that all patients are treated with dignity and respect by using the most appropriate and low cost setting possible.


Surgery Center of Silverdale Staff

Premera – (800) 722-1471

Office of the Insurance Commissioner – (800) 562-6900

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